Getting started

A brief introduction to Parsify Desktop.


Parsify Desktop is a text-based calculator, meaning it evaluates different expressions you type.

It has a lot of features built-in and can be extended even further using plugins, but let's start with some basics!

Headers, comments, labels

To make your notes more organized & readable you can use headers, comments and labels which will not be evaluated by the app:

# This is a header
// This is a comment
Label: 12+5


You can type both basic and advanced mathematical expressions and the results will appear on the right. Constants, like pi or e are supported. Instead of sign operators, like +, -, * and / , you can also use words - plus, minus, times, divided by.

# Basic stuff
12+5 //=> 17
2 * (3/4) //=> 1.5
1000 times 2 //=> 2000
// Something more advanced...
sin(3) //=> 0.1411
log(pi) // -> 1.145


Declare variables and reuse them later, saving time and improving readability.

x = 2
x * 2


Parsify Desktop supports unit conversion. Common length, volume, mass, force, energy ones are included. If that's not enough, you can also add your own (feature requires activation).

10 ml in teaspoons
100 km/h to m/s
150 horsepower in kilowatts


You can convert different currencies in the app. Over 200 currencies, including some crypto ones, are supported.

12 USD to PLN
Euro 35 in CHF


Parsify makes working with percentages a charm!

10% of 100
10% on 100
10% off 100

Please note that expressions like 100 + 5% are not yet supported


You can use additional operators to easily get the total or average value of many calculations.

  • For a total, use the sum or total operator,

  • For an average, use the avg, average or mean operator.

Check out the example below for more information!

sum //=> 18
avg //=> 12
# Use headers to make separate "blocks"
total //=> 50
average // => 33.33

Date and time

You can define date & time events in a readable form.

2 weeks from today
saturday evening
in about 2 days


This feature requires activation

Parsify allows you to manipulate timezone data, like so:

time in New York
PST time
Warsaw time